Become a Client

WMC can help your business or firm! We are looking for clients for our pro bono consulting program and we would love to work with your business.

What we can do for you

We can help develop new strategies and ideas for reaching your business goals, completely free of charge. Our Applied Management Program utilizes the teachings of top Wharton professors and the ideas of a creative, driven, and talented group of students to offer your business transformative advice and ideas. Our work with clients has resulted in significant brand promotion and revenue growth in the past.

  • We can carry out market research and utilize cutting-edge business analysis tools taught at Wharton to inform the advice and ideas we give you.
  • With the help of our marketing and engineering members (we are not all in Wharton concentrating in management), we can help you grow your brand influence and optimize your utilization of tech for marketing (e.g. website quality, SEO) and operations (e.g. analytics, modeling).
  • With current, first-hand experience and connections, we can help you break into the college student market.
  • We can work on any tasks or projects you have for us, big or small.


For more information or to inquire about becoming a client, contact VP of AMP, at .