Since 2011

The Premier Club at Wharton for Students Interested in Management, Leadership, and Consulting

We practice management consulting through our Applied Management Program (AMP), as well as corporate relations, finance, and marketing through our other committees. We provide speaker events and educational opportunities to our members, and hold frequent social and networking events.

Applied Management Program (AMP)

Our Applied Management Program (AMP) is designed to provide its members with education and real-world experience in the world of management consulting. The AMP team provides pro bono consulting services for companies in West Philadelphia, New York City and beyond. They also hold group discussions about articles and cases relating to finance, management consulting, entrepreneurship and more. Recently, club board members have held a workshop on applied economics to sharpen and expand the group's consulting skill set.
For more details about our clients and the specific consulting services we offer, see our clients page.



Wharton Management Club is compromised of a diverse group of talented and driven individuals who share an interest in management and related subjects. Through close interaction within and between committees, WMC members get to know each other very well, and our community is very close-knit as a result. We frequently hold of all-club social events and study breaks to maintain these relationships. Additionally, we host speaker/discussion sessions, networking events, and professor luncheons to strengthen our community and enrich our members with knowledge and experience.


We are currently compromised of four main committees: Speakers and Events, Professional Relations and Finance,
Applied Management Program (see above), and Communications.

The speakers and events committee works on bringing in interesting and knowledgeable people involved in management and related fields to hold speaker sessions for the club. They also plan socials, networking events, and other club-related events.

The professional relations and finance committee works on outreach to and ROI for corporate sponsors, and handles the finances of the club.

The WMC Communications Team is responsible for development and upkeep of the club's website and social media, planning internal club team building events, and creating promotional materials for the club as well as relevant clients.


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